Just Another Hollywood Gossip

I saw this picture appear on my Facebook news feed this afternoon:

Is Beyonce really preggy?

My initial reaction was, “REALLY? Why the hell does she have to fake a pregnancy bump?” But then, I realized that this is nonsensical and decided to just ignore the whole idea. Less than an hour later, I heard the radio DJ talk about the same gossip. So, I realized that there may be some hint of truth in it. So I Googled it and found that yes, it was a fake pregnancy bump, BUT, Beyonce really is pregnant. Artists need to exaggerate some things when they are on screen, right? Continue reading


Meet Techie G.

Warning: This post is sequel to The Couch Potato Complex

I bet you know her.

Just as many kids and adults are hooked online, so are our grannies! Although I haven’t seen one who plays online games as aggressive as Lola Techie in this Bayantel commercial, centenarians have a fair share in the percentage of internet users. In a May 2011 survey of pewinternet.org, 42% of Americans aged 65+, use the internet. Continue reading

What’s Your Specialty?

We recently celebrated the 27th anniversary of our degree program, Organizational Communication, last September 26-30.

The week-long celebration officially ended with Center Stage, an inter-batch variety show. Although that week was just as toxic (UP’s term for “hectic”) as any other week before, our batch just couldn’t find a common time to prepare for the presentation. But, with a little pressure (and miracle), we were able to come up with something to present. Watch the performance here.

We perfected SWAGGING.

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The YOU Brand

Will you do a little favor for me?

First, go to www.google.com. Second, type your full name on the search bar.

What pages appear on the list? Your Facebook account? Twitter? LinkedIn? None?

This is what employers do nowadays. They search for your name on Google then click on the links that give “hints” about you — your personality, profile, what you look like and how you think.

Social networking sites are, in the end, not for networking alone. They go beyond connecting you with your friends and relatives. They go beyond being a sanctuary of your thoughts and daily rants. They go beyond making yourself visible online. Social networking is packaging yourself. Social networking is about the YOU brand.

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Where’s My Cheese?

Here’s a secret: I love food.

If cheese is food, then I love cheese! Mozzarella, cheddar, parmesan, blue cheese, keso de bola, kesong puti, or even the worm-infested Casu Marzu (I haven’t tasted this one, though).  But these are not the kinds of cheese I’ll be talking about. Continue reading

Words, Words, and More of Words

Just minutes ago, I had 10 tabs opened for a Google Chrome window. If this night was one of those summer nights, I would have 10 tabs opened for social networking sites. But no, classes had just started this week, and things to do have already started piling up. I felt like a little kid drowning in an Olympic pool. Okay, that was exaggerated, but that was the only metaphorical scenario I could imagine. I had 10 tabs opened for peer-reviewed journals. Continue reading