POLITICS: More Fun In The Philippines

Warning: As most of you (or my friends) know, politics has never been something I am interested in dwelling in and talking about. I’m a light blogger; my communication blog covering, so far, the most serious topics I can discuss. But as the 2013 Philippine Senatorial Election’s about to happen in two days time, I believe I have the responsibility to take on a more serious approach to this national concern. Hence, this blog post. 


If politics was part of a seven-course meal, it’d be the appetizer – spicing things up and preparing your taste buds for the main course: governance and service.

But it’s pointless comparing Philippine politics to a seven-course meal, when most of the Filipinos can’t even afford a simple, decent and healthy meal. And come to think of it, a hearty & healthy dinner can do even without the appetizer. In short, politics is just the icing to the cake of governance and service. Continue reading