POLITICS: More Fun In The Philippines

Warning: As most of you (or my friends) know, politics has never been something I am interested in dwelling in and talking about. I’m a light blogger; my communication blog covering, so far, the most serious topics I can discuss. But as the 2013 Philippine Senatorial Election’s about to happen in two days time, I believe I have the responsibility to take on a more serious approach to this national concern. Hence, this blog post. 


If politics was part of a seven-course meal, it’d be the appetizer – spicing things up and preparing your taste buds for the main course: governance and service.

But it’s pointless comparing Philippine politics to a seven-course meal, when most of the Filipinos can’t even afford a simple, decent and healthy meal. And come to think of it, a hearty & healthy dinner can do even without the appetizer. In short, politics is just the icing to the cake of governance and service. Continue reading


Meet Techie G.

Warning: This post is sequel to The Couch Potato Complex

I bet you know her.

Just as many kids and adults are hooked online, so are our grannies! Although I haven’t seen one who plays online games as aggressive as Lola Techie in this Bayantel commercial, centenarians have a fair share in the percentage of internet users. In a May 2011 survey of pewinternet.org, 42% of Americans aged 65+, use the internet. Continue reading


NOTE: In order to help you comprehend this blog post, let’s enhance your vocabulary first.

Webtrovert: someone who is shy/ introvert in real life, but turns into full-on extroverted party animal on internet forums and sites

Freudian Click: sending an email to someone by mistake

Facebook Wit: the intelligent humor that nearly everyone seems to gain when they have half an hour to contemplate a witty response Continue reading

The YOU Brand

Will you do a little favor for me?

First, go to www.google.com. Second, type your full name on the search bar.

What pages appear on the list? Your Facebook account? Twitter? LinkedIn? None?

This is what employers do nowadays. They search for your name on Google then click on the links that give “hints” about you — your personality, profile, what you look like and how you think.

Social networking sites are, in the end, not for networking alone. They go beyond connecting you with your friends and relatives. They go beyond being a sanctuary of your thoughts and daily rants. They go beyond making yourself visible online. Social networking is packaging yourself. Social networking is about the YOU brand.

Continue reading

Words, Words, and More of Words

Just minutes ago, I had 10 tabs opened for a Google Chrome window. If this night was one of those summer nights, I would have 10 tabs opened for social networking sites. But no, classes had just started this week, and things to do have already started piling up. I felt like a little kid drowning in an Olympic pool. Okay, that was exaggerated, but that was the only metaphorical scenario I could imagine. I had 10 tabs opened for peer-reviewed journals. Continue reading