The One-Man Agency

I have a thing for colors and visually pleasing artworks. As I was searching for graphic designs in Tumblr about a year ago, I came across

The man behind this creative website is Robbie Bautista, a blogger, a freelance artist and a graphic designer. Damn! His works are really good! You can check out his portfolio here and see for yourself.

The Creative Dork

Now, this one-man creative agency is living my dream job. Not that I want to be a graphic artist or such, but I want to be my own boss too! Free lance artists have the privilege to do things at their own pace, to choose the projects they will work on and to do things their own way. Isn’t that amazing?

What I like best about freelancers is their maximization of social media. Most of the Filipino freelance graphic designers I know have their own websites to serve as their virtual office spaces.

What do their web pages contain?

  1. About. A short description of the website and the person behind it.
  2. Contact Details. Links to their Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and e-mail accounts are posted.
  3. Portfolio. A compilation of their previous works are posted online.
  4. CVs/Resume. Just in case companies are interested to hire them to do a project, they can easily access the artist’s resume and double-check his/her credentials.
  5. Blog posts. 


This is just inspiring. It goes to show that we are not anymore limited to working full-time for organizations. We are given an option to BE OUR OWN BOSS. With just a computer and an internet connection, anyone (with TALENT and DETERMINATION, of course) can set up their own ONE-MAN ORGANIZATION.

Keep inspiring!


3 thoughts on “The One-Man Agency

  1. Truly inspiring! haha! After the toxicities of this sem, I will set up my own web page too! haha! That will be my online art museum haha and y’all are very welcome 😀

    Chillin like a boss! 😉

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