Meet Techie G.

Warning: This post is sequel to The Couch Potato Complex

I bet you know her.

Just as many kids and adults are hooked online, so are our grannies! Although I haven’t seen one who plays online games as aggressive as Lola Techie in this Bayantel commercial, centenarians have a fair share in the percentage of internet users. In a May 2011 survey of, 42% of Americans aged 65+, use the internet.

A reason behind this large number of American grannies who use social networking sites is that being online is what keeps them going. Since most of their relatives, children and friends live miles away from them, American grannies make use of social media to connect and converse with them.

Grannies say that the deterioration of their social network, as relatives and friends get sick and pass away, is the main reason why they need to stay connected and make new connections as well.

Although the number in the Philippines (1-2%) is not as huge as those of the Americans, I believe that the number of Lolos and Lolas who make use of the internet are gradually increasing.

User Age Distribution on Facebook (Philippines). Retrieved from


My grandpa gave me the idea to write about this topic. He’s always that curious one. Look at what I found him doing one day:

Meet Mr. Techy G.

Before I even had my first computer (Grade 3, perhaps), my grandpa has already mastered it. I remembered calling him during those days, to ask him to install a program in our newly assembled PC. He was the expert one.

I really am fascinated with my Lolo’s passion for learning. He learned AutoCad on his own years ago, and was even the one who created the blueprint for our house renovation. And recently, he’s a Zombie Hustler. He even gets a little annoyed if we got defeated by the Zombies. I just can’t play the game well when he’s watching. Siya na expert! Plus, he even sings along with the theme song of Plants vs. Zombies! Can you just imagine that?


Although most of them have already retired, some lolos and lolas are still working in organizations nowadays. It makes me think, “How do these organizations introduce technology to our working grannies?” What are they doing to integrate technology to the working lives of our lolos and lolas?

If moderation and technological dependency are the issues with kids and yuppies nowadays, introducing and integrating technology and social media to their lives  are the challenges for our grannies.

Although curiosity killed the cat, it just might save our lolos and lolas from getting lost in this fast-paced world. The number of Filipino centenarians who use the internet are relatively small for now,but here is where the challenge lies in.

As grandchildren and future managers, how are we helping our grannies adapt to these technological changes?


2 thoughts on “Meet Techie G.

  1. I really respect people from older generations who can adapt to new technology. I believe that age is never a reason to stop learning. Although it gets harder to learn as you get older, learning new things is still achievable. It is in the outlook of a person and not the age that will enable continuous learning. So, I really admire your lolo. He’s way better than my mother when it comes to adapting new technology. 🙂

    • Right, Janel! I believe that we should be more passionate to learn as we grow older since we are running out of time to explore the world. Explore and experience!

      Haha! I think my Mom’s not that techie too. I think our moms are too busy yet with their works. Maybe if they already are in their retirement age, they’ll have more time to learn these things 🙂

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