Where’s My Cheese?

Here’s a secret: I love food.

If cheese is food, then I love cheese! Mozzarella, cheddar, parmesan, blue cheese, keso de bola, kesong puti, or even the worm-infested Casu Marzu (I haven’t tasted this one, though).  But these are not the kinds of cheese I’ll be talking about.

My professor in PA130 (Organizational Design for the Arts) required us to read “Who Moved My Cheese?”, a book written by Dr. Stephen Johnson. Cheese, in this sense, means anything you’d like to achieve — success, money, work, love life, happiness, etc. In my case, it is to graduate in April 2012! (Yes, I will. I can. I must.) Here’s an overview of the cheese-y story.

It’s basically an allegory about 4 characters finding cheese and their different ways of coping with and overcoming change.

So, here comes CHANGE. Which personality do you take? (From Google Images)


Change is inevitable . It is the only constant thing on earth. Now, I’m talking about change when it comes to organizations adapting to new technologies. Case in point, social media.

Social Media as defined by Lee White.

What’s with Social Media? Simple. Your stakeholders are online and they are avid users of social media!

And so? It is a great avenue for you to learn more about your audience (customers, employees, competitors, investors, etc.) and what they think and say about your brand!

That is why organizations, non-profit or for-profit alike, need to adapt well to this digital advancement. Hmm, actually, adapting is not enough. They should know how to use it well and learn from it. Earthbound Media Group, an interactive marketing and communications agency, calls it Social Media Intelligence.

They defined it as “valuable information from social network interactions…that can enable companies to

  1. be more aware of how their business/industry is portrayed
  2. launch new products and services into the market place at greater speed and lower cost. “

What should we do?

Take it from Earthbound Media Group:  LISTEN, ENGAGE, MEASURE, ADAPT!

4 Basic Rules of Social Media by Earthbound Media Group.

  • Listen to what social media users say. Monitor the social networking sites.
  • Engage them in a dialogue. Ask, respond, connect.
  • Measure the outcome of your efforts.
  • Adapt to the practice of social media!


Flexibility is the key. As Dr. Stephen Johnson said, “Be ready to change quickly and enjoy it again and again. Keep moving with the cheese.


2 thoughts on “Where’s My Cheese?

  1. Hello, Erica! 🙂

    “What’s with Social Media? Simple. Your stockholders are online and they are avid users of social media!”

    I’m not quite sure if this is a typo but it’s not only the stockholders but the stakeholders of organizations who are in social media. 🙂

    Organizations may also look at who among their competitors are already online. This may be a factor for them to join the race of organizations going digital. 🙂

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