Words, Words, and More of Words

Just minutes ago, I had 10 tabs opened for a Google Chrome window. If this night was one of those summer nights, I would have 10 tabs opened for social networking sites. But no, classes had just started this week, and things to do have already started piling up. I felt like a little kid drowning in an Olympic pool. Okay, that was exaggerated, but that was the only metaphorical scenario I could imagine. I had 10 tabs opened for peer-reviewed journals.

Oh, by the way, before I continue, I think I should give you a brief introduction of myself, since this is my first entry for my WordPress account. Just call me Erica (my second name doesn’t sound as feminine as I really am in person – Robert). I’m a senior Organizational Communication student in UP Manila. If you are to ask what my course is, well, go ahead and watch this short clip:

True enough, “OrCom is about the cake, not the icing” (Enriquez, 2009).

We had our Communication Trends and Styles class last Saturday, and our professor, Sir Barry, asked us a question: How much have you changed?Β 

It got me into a lot of thinking. Although I do know that I am not the same “Erica” that I was in high school, I had a difficulty pin-pointing what exactly changed in me. However, I am aware that being in UP Manila and in the OrCom program were the reasons for this drastic change.

UP Manila taught me that everyone has a right to voice out their opinions. OrCom taught me that we must voice out our opinions, or forever hold our thought. UP Manila taught me that there’s a whole lot of people out there and that the world goes beyond the comfort zone I’ve always treasured during my younger years. OrCom taught me that despite our differences, we can always see through them and that there’s always a way to bridge the gaps. UP Manila taught me that knowledge and intelligence are important, but OrCom taught me that good presentation is always a plus point. UP Manila taught me about enduring pain and making sacrifices, but OrCom taught me that stress or pressure is never an excuse to not enjoy what you are doing (because believe me, they can both go together).

So here I am, writing this blog because, aside from the fact that it squeezes my creative juices a little harder, I’ve got a lot of stories to tell and learning to share. Now, I shall go back to reading these peer-reviewed journal articles and pray that I may find an interesting and rarely-discussed organizational communication research topic before the deadline.



2 thoughts on “Words, Words, and More of Words

  1. UP Manila and Orcom are also two of the most influential forces in my life. Both taught (and continue to teach) me lessons that I thought I already knew too well, including things about myself as a student and teacher. By the way, this year is my 10th year of giving back to UP Manila and I’m looking forward to another 10 and maybe even more. πŸ™‚

    Anyway, nice start for your comm blog. The video clip works but it is more about Dr. Sarile than about OrCom. So maybe you can write your own post about what OrCom means to you? Just a suggestion πŸ™‚

    • Yes Sir! We can see how passionate you are about the degree program every time we listen to your lectures in class. Blazing fire! hahaha!

      Thank you Sir Barry! Yes, I’ll be writing another post for OrCom according to ME. HAHA!

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